How to Start Working Out When You Have No Time

Struggling with finding time to take care of yourself? Read on to get some helpful tips.


It has been such a struggle losing this baby weight the third time around. Baby E is just over a year old and I honestly thought I would be in a better place with my health and fitness than I am now. 

Honestly, I am finding all the excuses NOT to workout and take care of myself when the boys take up so much of my time AND energy….

Working Out After First Baby

After RJ, I got to work as soon as the Dr. cleared me to workout. My friend Erica and I would get out on the neighborhood trails with our strollers and go 3+ miles, almost every day! Then I would do some circuit training while he ate in his highchair. 

Working out with a baby is more complicated than I thought it would be… At first, he wanted me to hold him or would throw a fit because I wasn’t playing with him. It took lots of patience and some time, but he started to get the hang of the routine and was easier to make time to workout.

I found a community that helped me stay accountable!

Working out while playing outside with Andy

Somethings changed after Andy was born. I was still working out pretty consistently…online this time, I had an online community of women to help motivate and push me.

We moved across the country when he was a baby, so we were starting over and didn’t know anyone yet that I could workout with.

I found great programs and super helpful meal plans through BeachBody. It helped me to lose all the baby weight and actually feel great and comfortable in my own skin. Probable for the first time in my life!

When I got pregnant for the last  third time, I was really active…I had barely moved with my other two.

It was surprising to me how much I didn’t feel like crap! Definitely wouldn’t say good, because lets face it ladies…your body takes a huge beating every pregnancy. Even though I didn’t feel miserable, I was still feeling the punches.

Learning to get over the Mom Guilt

Now this one is the biggest excuse and I use it A LOT! It makes us feel like we are always doing something wrong, even when we are doing all the right things. The stress of having things to do around the house (cooking, cleaning, etc.), getting RJ to preschool twice a week, then soccer or t ball, grocery shopping and of course the worry about every. little. thing.

RJ and Andy playing while mommy gets her workout done

*Before you start to think I don’t have any help at all, let me clarify…my husband helps me with so much!! He comes home from a long, stressful day of work and wrestles with the kids to get them out of my hair (or out of the kitchen while I’m trying to cook), folds the laundry late at night, dishes, really you name it…he does it. It actually frustrates him when he asks me what he can help with and I tell him nothing…I feel I am suppose to be able to do it all AND not be stressed out = MOM GUILT!!! If any of this sounds like you, you’re not alone girl!!

I have recently had to learn the hard way, to let somethings go. Give myself lots of GRACE 

We have 3 boys, all 5 and under. One does not sleep through the night–I actually cant remember a time when he has every gotten through a whole night without waking up. He is also going through the have to have mommy and only mommy 24/7 or I’m going to flip out kind of phase that I cant even sneak off to my room or the bathroom by myself. 

Working out!?…I just couldn’t see it happening.

It’s time for a CHANGE!!

Well it is a new year and I am using that to fuel my motivation to change!!

A week before ringing in the new year, I started a new workout program and even though I am sore as all get out….I AM LOVING IT!!!

I didn’t realize how much I missed this! Working out again has done so many things for me that I haven’t taken the time to do in so long

  • I have a routine that is super easy to stick to…no high expectations
  • being so much less stressed after a workout
  • having a meal plan that isn’t super strict!!…cheat day!

It wasn’t until I really committed to working out regularly again that I really needed to take this time for myself…mom guilt or not! This is the best thing for me because I feel like I get my sanity back and the boys get a mom who is so much better to be around (that was my biggest guilt…having a mom who was unhappy so much of the time)

They even jump in and work out with me sometimes! I love that they are watching me model a healthier lifestyle and showing them that being active is so important.

So I bet your wondering…How do I fit in time to workout with such a busy schedule?

We are all busy no matter what kind of mom you are, stay at home, work, work from home, kids in school, homeschool, etc. You can do it!!

Here are some tips that you can try to make the time for yourself, without the mom guilt

  • Get up BEFORE the kids wake up. Prep the night before by setting out your workout clothes so you can just get up, change and get your workout in (plus some quiet, mommy time)

  • Be flexible. There are going to be days that just don’t go our way, that’s ok! Don’t let it stress you out. Just go with the flow, and move on.

  • Take it outside. On the really nice days, take the kids out of the house, go to the park, go for a walk with them, let them play in the backyard while you do a workout and then join in on the fun…the options are really endless with this one. Look up some groups of moms who get together to workout, the kids can all play together and have their social hour which will make it more fun for them too!

    Going for a walk with the boys
  • Workout at home. Getting out of the house with the kids fed, dressed and happy is hard enough!! I workout at home because it takes the hassle out of getting the kids and I to the gym, honestly it would stress me out then I would be too distracted to workout in the end. There are so many programs you can find that are free or affordable and easier to fit into your day. Now you have less of an excuse!! 

Keep it simple, that way it will be easier to stick to and enjoy.

Comment below with your best workout tips for moms who are trying to get healthy WITH their kiddos.

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