Best Outdoor Summer Toys

Today is the first official day of summer, even though it has felt like it for a month already… So I put together some of our favorite outdoor summer toys that the boys love and some that look really fun!

Little Tykes First Slide

outdoor summer toys

We got this slide when my oldest was 1, so it’s been a hot minute. But they have loved this slide. It is perfect for those little legs to be able to climb up super easy and love that I could bring it inside on rainy days.


outdoor summer toys

I swore up and down that I would not need nor want a trampoline for my kids…and we still got one. Even though I was so scared they would get hurt ALL the time on it, they love it. My husband and I even jump on it with the boys from time to time.

This isn’t the exact one we got, I can’t find ours but it’s the closest in price. We got the 12 foot one and for some reason it didn’t come with a ladder…don’t know why but this one does. The one thing that I did not like was putting this together was a pain but worth it.

Swing Set

outdoor summer toys

Our swing set has been well loved over the years. We got ours from Toys R Us when they were open but one looks pretty close. What is so nice is we were able to put a baby swing on it so our youngest could have fun too.

My boys are dare devils and like to try and run up the slide…luckily no one has gotten hurt yet. I love that these wooden play sets are so heavy and durable. I have heard of people putting a finishing stain on the wood to make it last longer but we didn’t do that and it still looks great.

Water Guns

outdoor summer toys

The boys got water guns from their grandma when we put up the pool this summer and they have been a huge hit. Of course we knew they would love them because I mean…boys…guns. It’s a no brainer, especially for my kids.


outdoor summer toys

Speaking of pools, we broke down and got one this summer. It is just too HOT!! I couldn’t see us getting through this heat without one in the backyard. Our backyard already had an area clearer for one too so…huge plus there! We went with this above ground pool and I just liked the look of the darker outside liner versus the blue. People have asked if we think the sun heats up the pool better with this but I really couldn’t say.

The one thing my husband was insistent upon was getting a sand filtration pump which we bought separately from the pool. It has made a world of difference and totally worth every penny!


outdoor summer toys outdoor summer toys

If you are on a budget, I found some really awesome and affordable sprinklers to keep the kids entertained and cool.

Whether you and your family are at the beach or just hanging out in the backyard, I hope you have a wonderful summer. It goes by way too fast and before I know it, my oldest will be off to kindergarten…yikes!

Leave a comment below on your families favorite outdoor summer toys.

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