Life with Three Boys

RJ did not prepare us for more kids…

RJ as a baby

I think this is the number one thing I tell people who ask for any kind of parenting advice. He was our easy baby and hardly gave us much trouble at all, looking back that is…it is ALL hard when you are trying to figure this parenting thing out!

He came home from the hospital sleeping through the night! Yes, you read that right…I lost so much sleep, not because he wouldn’t sleep, but because he wouldn’t stop sleeping..I would wake up in the middle of the night to make sure he was still breathing and to nurse him.

He was such a happy baby, which has rolled into an overall happy child.

He hardly ever got sick.

This boy pretty much potty trained himself!! One morning he woke up and said “Mommy, I need to go potty” and he did!!

RJ smiling for the camera

So when we were thinking about having another, it was like a no brainer….of course we’ll have more!! RJ needed a brother or sister to play with and have a best friend forever!


This parenting thing is NOT as easy as we thought…

RJ getting to hold Andy all by himself.

The minute they laid Andy on my chest in the delivery room, I knew….we were not as prepared as we thought…Andy screamed/cried so loud and so hard that the nurses had to yell over him.

It was kind of funny….we did not know what we were in for at that point.

Andy followed all the baby books…anything they said a baby would or could do, he did. He woke up every 1.5-2 hrs in the middle of the night to nurse….that carried into not sleeping through the night until after he was a toddler.

When he was colic, he would not take a binky!! I wished for a binky…We finally figured out his love for his little Wal-Mart blanket which made things so much easier (MANY. MONTHS. LATER.) He still loves that blanket and sleeps with it every night.

Andy being silly

Potty training…that was a whole new lesson to learn for both of us. At first, he thought it was fun to go potty with his big bubba, until he decided it wasn’t anymore and just wanted to pee everywhere BUT the potty.

But, he turned out to be a really good eater, just like his brother. We will forever be glad that we did Baby Led Weaning with the boys.

Eric was our surprise baby.

Baby Eric

It was shortly after Andy turned 1 that we found out we were pregnant again and we were still very much sleep deprived (Andy was still waking up through the night)

We were not talking or thinking about adding to the group just yet, but 3 boys is what was in the cards for us, and they all keep us on our toes.

But Eric, of course, had to show up the other two with his crazy ways…He was crawling at 6-7 months, walking at 8 months (I tried to stop that but it didn’t work), and talking way early!!

Eric eating spaghetti

He has nursed the longest out of all of them (15 months…big brothers were cut off at 1 year because I was working and who doesn’t want their boobs back after being bit, stretched, pinched and everything in between for that long!!) and has no signs of weaning.

And he is still not sleeping through the night…of course teething, colds and developmental stages do not help with this at all!!

But it is so fun to see them all play and love on each other…even when they wrestle, tickle and then it turns into a screaming, fighting fit, it’s still pretty cute…

I love all three of their personalities and who they are becoming as they grow older…

Big brothers loving on baby Eric.

RJ is our extrovert. He is very outgoing, loves to talk and tell stories to anyone and everyone who will listen….he must get is from his Grammy because his mom and dad are not like that at all. But seriously, he has made friends at a super market before (a firefighter and his wife, it was super sweet and he invited us to visit the station).

Andy is my strong and silent type. He is very shy at first but when he wants to say something, it is very loud and to the point (most of the time with lots of emotion).

Eric is our wild child. He really knows how to give me a heart attack on a daily basis with his crazy stunts. He is very adventurous and crazy. It will be fun to see more of his personality as he gets older.

Big brothers loving on the birthday boy, 1 year old

They are all perfect in their own way and I’m so happy that they chose me to be their mommy. Our days are crazy on a daily basis and I feel like if we got through a day without going to the ER, then it was a pretty good day that is filled with so many memories that will last us forever.

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