Halloween costume for kids

Halloween Costumes for Kids

With Halloween so close, this week we are talking about kids costumes. So here are some great ideas from Making Mountain Memories.

Well, the great dilemma of October 2019 has officially begun! We’re down to less than 30 days before we fill our stash of sugar in the candy bowl. Halloween is nearing, and with the leaves turning colors and blowing around, we’re feeling autumn in its finest form. (I can’t wait to head into civilization tomorrow and buy some pumpkins!) While my excitement is focused on fall colors, gourds, and zucchini…my kiddos couldn’t care less. They’re both extrememly excited to be choosing what costume they’ll wear for the 2 hours of trick-or-treating that will soon be upon us.

Something Happened To My Excitement

I used to love Halloween. It was one of my favorite holidays as a child. Trick-or-treating was always the highlight of the month. I don’t even remember it being about the candy; it was just so much fun to be out at night with my friends. There was always some level of spookiness about the cool, dark, October night. We were always safe, and my parents were always around, but it was exciting! As an adult, I have to admit, its lost its luster.

But For The Kids

I will not be a fun-sponge for my darlings. They are looking forward to Halloween, and we’re going to make the most of it. Having been a child, I know their excitement. I can see it in their eyes and hear it in their voices when they talk about it. They giggle when they whisper to each other what they want to be. It’s so fun to live vicariously through them. We’re on our way to making it a memorable holiday!

Easy For Mom

In years past, it was easier to decide on a costume. In fact, the boy (4) and the girl (8) never had a say in what they were dressed as. I was able to run to the store and grab something cute. In fact, I might have never paid the full price for a costume. My Grams would frequent garage sales, and she’d often find the cutest little outfits. We would use the costumes she would find. They were always perfect, and my kiddos were always adorable. Then they grew. They learned they had a voice and an opinion! Outside influences impress upon their tiny little beings and the power of convincing we once had – vanishes.

They Age And Times Change

So, gone are the days when I could easily select their Halloween attire. They have their own ideas now. They’ve been thinking about it since last Halloween. My cowgirl and Chase (Paw Patrol Pup) have changed their minds monthly since then. They have ideas still, but we’re trying to narrow them down. This year, we have to order the costumes online, as we’re a significant distance from any retail stores. I’m not worried; there are usually more choices online anyway.

The Search Is On

We have started. My kiddos have several ideas. My mind is always budget-centered, so their choices become limited as we check out prices. I’ve compiled a list of their top choices below. Also, I stay away from blood and scary creatures; I like clean fun. You know, the cute costumes! Besides, we’re in the mountains, and it’ll be quite chilly at the end of the month.


Listed below, in no particular order, are the boy’s and girl’s top choices. We’re going to be ordering in the next couple of days. I wanted to share with you their choices and maybe inspire you to grab a costume for your kiddos as well. Last year, I waited until the last minute, so the boy was Chase for 2 years in a row. (I know. I’m a terrible mom. The good thing is, he loves that dog, so he was as cute as could be!)

For Him

Halloween Costumes for Kids
Halloween costumes for kids
Link Deluxe

For Her

Halloween costumes for kids
Bones Costume
Sweet Raccoon

Young Minds

Why is this decision always a difficult one? Seriously, we’re outside for all of two hours, and it takes days to decide on a costume! It’s all a part of the fun, I suppose. We like to also choose costumes they can use later for dress-up. They love make-believe play and will throw on these outfits out of nowhere. I love the creativity of my kids. Each day is a delight to watch them spread their wings and become a little more independent than the day before.

Final Thoughts

Please weigh in. Place your vote in the comments. The kids will be excited to hear what your thought are! If you have any idea that isn’t listed, please share it with us! We’ll wait a few days and then order. What are you planning for the upcoming dress-up event? What advice do you have? I’m all ears! If you haven’t even thought about costumes, you might want to snag something before it’s too late and last year’s costumes become this year’s.

Halloween Costumes for Kids

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