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DIY Harry Potter Sign Post

I made a simple DIY Harry Potter sign post that I wanted to share with ya’ll! It is the perfect front porch decor for Halloween, don’t you think??

My biggest little has been really into Harry Potter lately, perfect timing right?! With Halloween coming up, we thought that decorating the house in a Harry Potter theme would be pretty awesome.

The challenge, to stick to a budget! My goal was to either use what we have, make it, or go without.

When I saw this sign post, I knew it would be perfect to put out in the front yard and have it be the first thing trick or treaters see when they come up the stairs.

DIY Harry Potter Sign

The best part was that I had everything to make the signs already! I knew that pile of old fence wood would come in handy…even though I have been bugging my husband to get rid of it FOREVER. (jokes on me I guess lol)


Getting Started

I went around to the pile of wood and picked out the best pieces for this particular project. Since I wasn’t going for a perfect look and wanted more worn wood, it wasn’t too hard to find some good old looking ones.

I played around with the measurements until I came to the conclusion that 2ft would be just the right size. Plus, I was able to get 3 pieces of board from one old fence board.

I used my husbands hand held electric saw to cut the boards to length and then, I cut the boards on one side to make it look like it was pointing in a certain direction.

DIY Harry Potter Sign

Sanding/Prepping to Paint

After cutting the fence boards down, I took a hand sander and used 120 grit sandpaper to smooth out the roughness of the board and give it a clean surface to paint on.

The sanding ended up taking a lot of the old aged look out of the wood, so I decided to fix that by rubbing some stain around the edges and a light swipe through the middle of the board. I just used left over stain from a previous project in the color espresso.

DIY Harry Potter Sign

Designing the Stencil

While that dried, I used my Circuit design to make the stencils for my signs.

If you have never used Circuit design space before or don’t own a machine, I think it would be just as easy to print it out and use that as a stencil or find someone that can make a template to purchase from. There are so many that can be found on Etsy.

Once I picked out the words I wanted on the signs, I found a free font on If you want to use that one it is called Harry P Font and Luminos.

If you have never downloaded a new font to the Design Space, I’ll walk you through it because it is super simple.

After you have downloaded, just click it open. At the top there is a button that says ‘Install’ and you just click it. The only thing you have to do to get it onto Design Space is to refresh the page and it will come up in your font search.

I measured how big I wanted the words to be and played around with the spacing in the letters until I liked it. Then I started to cut them.

The hardest part of the whole process was getting the vinyl to stay onto the wood surface so that I could paint. Every time I went to pull off the transfer paper, the vinyl under it wanted to pull back up.

The only suggestion I can give for this is to make sure to rub the transfer paper all over really well and then have lots of patience. In other words, don’t do this step with 3 little boys running around the house screaming, playing and fighting…

Even with all that in the background I finally got them on and got down to painting. The paint I chose was a grey home decor chalk paint that I got from Joanne Fabrics. It was left over from another sign project.

DIY Harry Potter Sign

Time to put it all together!

The next morning, I spaced the wood boards out on the 4×4 and screw them on. I don’t know who was more excited for this part, me or R.

Once it was all put together, I took a step back to admire my handy work…mind you I did all the power tool work without my hubby’s help, which is BIG for me!

DIY Harry Potter Sign

Unfortunately, I didn’t love it as much as I thought I would. The grey paint was just too dark and made it hard to read. Don’t you just love my sign helper though?? LOL.

I went back and forth on whether or not I would redo the whole thing again or just go over the letters with white paint. Going over it in white paint was the winner because the thought of using the vinyl again sounded terrible.

In the end, even though it took FOREVER…it turned out so much better than I thought. I even did a little sanding over the white and some of the grey shows through to make it look more worn and spooky in my opinion.

So there you have it! A budget friendly Harry Potter sign perfect for some Halloween or birthday party decorations!

Leave a comment below with your budget friendly Halloween decor ideas. I would love to give some of them a try!


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