DIY Dinosaur Costume

This week my son’s preschool class is doing a character day parade. They dress up as their favorite story book character, bring the book to school to share with his class, then parade around the school!

The catch….nothing scary, no weapons and no masks. Everything my four year old absolutely loves!!

Picking out a character was surprisingly hard for him because he wanted to be a Ninja Turtle or some superhero to fight he bad guys…we had to keep reminding him of the rules for this special day and that it wasn’t like a regular Halloween day.

So, I grabbed all of our new scholastic books we got at the last book sale, and went through them to find one he liked. The winner? Dinosaurs Don’t Have Bedtimes!

This book is just too cute and one we read all the time before bed. It is a story of a little boy in love with dinosaurs who doesn’t want to do anything, let alone go to bed….because I mean how fun is bedtime?? To this mommy, it is SO MUCH FUN!!

Mo, the little boy in the book, gave me some ideas for the dinosaur costume we were going to make. He had a dinosaur hat made from what looked like a box and crayons, so we took it from there.

It was so easy to make and we had almost everything already at the house. All you need is:

  • a box
  • paint and paint brush
  • glue
  • foam paper
  • scissors

After digging through all of the boxes we have, we picked the perfect one. My four year old got to work on painting the outside of the box. He started off with yellow, red, green and orange, but it ended up looking brown after the paint colors were all mixed together.

Since we started this project later in the afternoon, it didn’t dry until after he went to bed.

My plan was to have him help me cut out some teeth and eyes using foam paper, but I ended up doing it…yea I’m that mom who waits until last minute to get a costume ready for a school party. Probably should stop doing that with Kindergarten starting next year….

We also found a cute dinosaur tail from the dollar section of Target which went so well with his hat! You can find one similar here.

He had so much fun dressing up and sharing this costume and book with his friends at school. So many of the kids in his class brought books and dressed up that the teachers were impressed. And they all looked so cute in their outfits. After they shared their books, his class went out onto the playground to show off their costumes the rest of the school.

I think we both had a lot of fun making this dinosaur hat and can’t wait to make more like it.

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