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    Easiest Homemade Pop Tarts

    Try out the easiest homemade pop tarts that the whole family will love and the kids will have fun making! If you have been around here a while, you know that I have taught myself how to cook since my wedding day. My poor husband did not know what he was in for in the beginning…let’s just say he still likes to remind me of the days I burned the water for a box of mac n cheese. Luckily for him and the boys, I like to play around with different homemade recipes. The boys really love this special treat because we do not buy pop tarts, mainly because of…

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    Potato Soup

    When I was growing up, I hated being in the kitchen, unless we were eating a meal as a family. My mom tried to teach me some recipes and basic cooking skills, but I was not wanting to know any of it. Of course being young and stupid, I thought I didn’t need to know any of it. Course I also said that I wasn’t going to have any kids when I grew up and see how that turned out. Ha. Well my poor husband had to suffer our first year of marriage because of this. I knew so little about cooking that sometimes even reading the back of a…

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    The Best Homemade Chili

    I love to make chili when the weather starts to turn colder. We make up a really big pot and eat it throughout the week or feed a crowd! This is actually my moms recipe and it has taken a couple years to make it this good. Funny thing is, it was AMAZING the first time she made it….but nobody wrote down the recipe!! So ever since that very first pot of chili, she has been trying to make it as good as that…I think this is pretty darn close. It calls for 5 pounds of ground beef…I told you it was a big batch. But it freezes really good…