• 7 at-home date night ideas
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    7 At-Home Date Night Ideas

    Coming up with at- home date night ideas can be harder said than done, but it’s an essential and unspoken necessity. Read on to avoid the parenting slump with these 7 at-home date night ideas. This week’s guest post is brought to you by Danielle Wheeler from Modern Day Mom Life. As a parent, a lot of things change rather quickly. You’re no longer a priority because your time and life revolve around your little bundle of joy (or joys). It’s not necessarily a bad thing as long as you remember to nurture your relationship, too, by taking some time for you and your partner to bond. Having date nights…

  • 3 tips to reclaim your patience today
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    3 Tips To Reclaim Your Patience…Today

    Guest post by Brenda Jones at Momme Blog Are you touched out, stressed out, or just plain out of patience? Here are 3 tips to reclaim your patience today. “You must have so much patience.” I lost track of just how many times I heard that… before becoming a mom. See, before having my own kids, I was an autism specialist. Whenever someone learned what I did, this was typically one of the first things they’d say to me. And I’d nod, because what else could I say? Fast-forward to when I had my first daughter. I joked that I “had to retire” because I only had so much patience…

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    Diaper Bag Essentials For 3 Kids

    It can be a struggle figuring out what to put in a diaper bag. The task may feel impossible! Let me help you by telling you what my diaper bag essentials are for three kids. When my first son was born, I felt like I needed to take everything but the kitchen sink with me EVERYWHERE! Luckily, after six years and three kids later, I realized that is not the case. Finding the perfect diaper bag One of the things us moms dream about when we’re pregnant is the perfect diaper bag. It has to be stylish yet functional. I personally always gravitated toward the bags that looked like a…

  • How moms make money from home
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    Real Jobs for Stay at Home Moms

    Are you wanting to stay home with your kids but can’t live off one-income? Here are some real jobs for stay at home moms. I have gone back and forth between being a working mom and a stay at home mom for almost six years. It was so hard to leave the boys in daycare because I missed them so much, had SO much mom guilt and even missed some of their firsts! Then staying home was rough because of the one-income and tight budget. It’s not fun living paycheck to paycheck every month. Come to find out, there are so many remote jobs that are perfect for stay at…

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    6 Places to Make Mom Friends

    How do we find great mom friends? Check out these 6 places to find mom friends. If you are anything like me, an introvert, stay at home mom, it may be super hard to come out of your shell to meet new people. I get it! But I also know how important it is to have friends. Ones that have children of similar age as yours for play dates. To be able to relate to about motherhood hardships and belly with about the silly things our kids do. To go out on the town and just let loose, have fun! Here are some suggestions on places to meet other moms:…