• homemade poptarts

    Easiest Homemade Pop Tarts

    Try out the easiest homemade pop tarts that the whole family will love and the kids will have fun making! If you have been around here a while, you know that I have taught myself how to cook since my wedding day. My poor husband did not know what he was in for in the beginning…let’s just say he still likes to remind me of the days I burned the water for a box of mac n cheese. Luckily for him and the boys, I like to play around with different homemade recipes. The boys really love this special treat because we do not buy pop tarts, mainly because of…

  • Kids New Years Eve Party Ideas

    Kids New Years Eve Party Ideas

    We have never celebrated New Years Eve with the kids before. This year they are old enough to party with us! Here are some kids New Years Eve party ideas. When I was looking for some fun and simple New Years Eve party ideas, it wasn’t that hard to find. There are so many bloggers on Pinterest that make it so easy to find some. Simple Decorations I always keep our Christmas tree up until after New Years, so this year I used it in our decorations! Five Below had some cute New Years Eve party in a box decorations that I thought would be perfect. After taking down all…

  • how to get kids started with chores

    How To Get Kids Started With Chores

    Guest post by Eva Miller, author of Fractured to Fabulous. Shes talks about her experience and gives us tips on how to get kids started with chores. Let’s face it, momming is hard work, and having to clean up after your kids all the time makes it harder. There’s only one of us, and multiples of them. Even if you only have one child, it’s probably safe to say he/she out energizes you; am I right? So what’s a mom to do? Enlist help from the ones making the majority of that mess, of course. In this post, I’m going to tell you why that’s good for you and good for the kids.…

  • 7 at-home date night ideas

    7 At-Home Date Night Ideas

    Coming up with at- home date night ideas can be harder said than done, but it’s an essential and unspoken necessity. Read on to avoid the parenting slump with these 7 at-home date night ideas. This week’s guest post is brought to you by Danielle Wheeler from Modern Day Mom Life. As a parent, a lot of things change rather quickly. You’re no longer a priority because your time and life revolve around your little bundle of joy (or joys). It’s not necessarily a bad thing as long as you remember to nurture your relationship, too, by taking some time for you and your partner to bond. Having date nights…

  • 3 tips to reclaim your patience today

    3 Tips To Reclaim Your Patience…Today

    Guest post by Brenda Jones at Momme Blog Are you touched out, stressed out, or just plain out of patience? Here are 3 tips to reclaim your patience today. “You must have so much patience.” I lost track of just how many times I heard that… before becoming a mom. See, before having my own kids, I was an autism specialist. Whenever someone learned what I did, this was typically one of the first things they’d say to me. And I’d nod, because what else could I say? Fast-forward to when I had my first daughter. I joked that I “had to retire” because I only had so much patience…

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    Diaper Bag Essentials For 3 Kids

    It can be a struggle figuring out what to put in a diaper bag. The task may feel impossible! Let me help you by telling you what my diaper bag essentials are for three kids. When my first son was born, I felt like I needed to take everything but the kitchen sink with me EVERYWHERE! Luckily, after six years and three kids later, I realized that is not the case. Finding the perfect diaper bag One of the things us moms dream about when we’re pregnant is the perfect diaper bag. It has to be stylish yet functional. I personally always gravitated toward the bags that looked like a…

  • Halloween costume for kids

    Halloween Costumes for Kids

    With Halloween so close, this week we are talking about kids costumes. So here are some great ideas from Making Mountain Memories. Well, the great dilemma of October 2019 has officially begun! We’re down to less than 30 days before we fill our stash of sugar in the candy bowl. Halloween is nearing, and with the leaves turning colors and blowing around, we’re feeling autumn in its finest form. (I can’t wait to head into civilization tomorrow and buy some pumpkins!) While my excitement is focused on fall colors, gourds, and zucchini…my kiddos couldn’t care less. They’re both extrememly excited to be choosing what costume they’ll wear for the 2…

  • DIY Harry Potter Sign
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    DIY Harry Potter Sign Post

    I made a simple DIY Harry Potter sign post that I wanted to share with ya’ll! It is the perfect front porch decor for Halloween, don’t you think?? My biggest little has been really into Harry Potter lately, perfect timing right?! With Halloween coming up, we thought that decorating the house in a Harry Potter theme would be pretty awesome. The challenge, to stick to a budget! My goal was to either use what we have, make it, or go without. When I saw this sign post, I knew it would be perfect to put out in the front yard and have it be the first thing trick or treaters…

  • How moms make money from home
    How to make money from home,  Mommy

    Real Jobs for Stay at Home Moms

    Are you wanting to stay home with your kids but can’t live off one-income? Here are some real jobs for stay at home moms. I have gone back and forth between being a working mom and a stay at home mom for almost six years. It was so hard to leave the boys in daycare because I missed them so much, had SO much mom guilt and even missed some of their firsts! Then staying home was rough because of the one-income and tight budget. It’s not fun living paycheck to paycheck every month. Come to find out, there are so many remote jobs that are perfect for stay at…

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    Best Outdoor Summer Toys

    Today is the first official day of summer, even though it has felt like it for a month already… So I put together some of our favorite outdoor summer toys that the boys love and some that look really fun! Little Tykes First Slide We got this slide when my oldest was 1, so it’s been a hot minute. But they have loved this slide. It is perfect for those little legs to be able to climb up super easy and love that I could bring it inside on rainy days. Trampoline I swore up and down that I would not need nor want a trampoline for my kids…and we…