7 at-home date night ideas
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7 At-Home Date Night Ideas

Coming up with at- home date night ideas can be harder said than done, but it’s an essential and unspoken necessity. Read on to avoid the parenting slump with these 7 at-home date night ideas.

This week’s guest post is brought to you by Danielle Wheeler from Modern Day Mom Life.

As a parent, a lot of things change rather quickly. You’re no longer a priority because your time and life revolve around your little bundle of joy (or joys).

It’s not necessarily a bad thing as long as you remember to nurture your relationship, too, by taking some time for you and your partner to bond. Having date nights helps to ensure that you don’t fall into the ugly parenting slump.

Yes, it’s a real thing!

Do you ever notice that when you and your partner get burnt out and have no personal time together that you bicker more?

That my friends are what I call the parenting burnout, the good news is that it can be remedied!

How Often Should You Come Up With At Home Date Night Ideas?

All work and no play is an unhealthy lifestyle that can eat away at even the healthiest of relationships.

You will notice that both of your moods will be significantly improved, and you will both build a deeper bond.

A high starting point is to create a date night at least once a month. Many couples even have a weekly date night!

If you find it challenging to have a date night even once a month or if you’re on a budget, you can get your toes wet with these awesome at-home date night ideas that can be just as fun as a night out!

7 Ideas For Date Night At Home

Coming up with your at-home date night ideas can be tricky. You have to juggle time, finances, childcare) and what feels like everything else in the world.

1. Movie Night

There are so many ways to watch movies today, so it’s easy to rent a new video if you choose!

Pick out a movie the two of you agree on and make some popcorn of your own, sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Movie dates are great because you will have something to discuss afterward! Which leads into the next at-home date night idea!

2. Dinner Date

A dinner date can stand alone, be a prequel to a movie date, or even a sequel, which is my favorite.

You can make a meal yourself, or you can use a food delivery service like DoorDash or GrubHub!

Plus, this way, if you want to have a drink or two, neither of you will have to drive or call an Uber.

3. Stargaze (seasonal)

7 at-home date night ideas

Snuggle up outside and look at the stars together!

People tend to get nostalgic when looking at stars. I find that conversations become more prolonged and deeper when doing so.

4. Read a book

Read a book together; it will help you to grow and learn together!

It can be a funny book, romance, mystery, or even horror, and it doesn’t have to be a long book as long as you both agree on one.

This can even be broken up into multiple date nights or become a part of your evening routine!

5. Board game

Get competitive or play an adult game to spice things up!

Whether it’s monopoly or truth or dare, you’re sure to get the blood pumping!

6. Bath Night

7 at-home date night ideas

There is nothing wrong with having a nice romantic bath with your partner.

It can be both relaxing and intimate and deepen your bond.

*This is best paired with a candle or two and a glass of wine.

7. Arts & Crafts

You’ve already made a baby, so how hard can making a painting be? If Bob Ross can do it so you can, right?

You don’t have to paint. You could go old school like the 1990 film Ghost and make ceramics if you want.

The point is to spend time working with each other to make something together, outside of the sheets.

Why? Because it builds communication and teamwork, which is vital for parenting!

The Beat Date Night Ideas

The best date night ideas are the ones you come up with together and make your own. That doesn’t mean don’t go out and stargaze together. It means simply make it your own by adding your personal finishing touches to it.

If your partner likes Swedish Fish, grab a bag for a real surprise.

Now THAT is a date night!

In the end, as long as the two of your are communicating and interacting positively and set aside the time for each other that’s what matters.

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