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6 Places to Make Mom Friends

How do we find great mom friends? Check out these 6 places to find mom friends.

If you are anything like me, an introvert, stay at home mom, it may be super hard to come out of your shell to meet new people. I get it!

But I also know how important it is to have friends. Ones that have children of similar age as yours for play dates. To be able to relate to about motherhood hardships and belly with about the silly things our kids do. To go out on the town and just let loose, have fun!

Here are some suggestions on places to meet other moms:

The Park

mom friends at playground
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Taking my boys to the park is apart of our regular schedule, simply because they NEED to run their energy out….and mama NEEDS naptime! When I see my oldest make friends with some of the kids, I try to pick out the mom and strike up a conversations.

This is not always easy but even just asking how old their child/children are, if they are starting school, things they like to do with their rowdy crowd. It doesn’t have to be deep, meaningful conversation. For us moms, just being able to talk to another mom is enough to make us feel more sane (especially for those crazy days).

If you find common ground, see about another meeting or even ask for their number to set up a play date!

School or Daycare

mom friends at school
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There were times in the 5 years that I have been a mother that I did work and the boys went to daycare. This is a great opportunity to connect with some of the other moms in your child’s class. My oldest is starting Kindergarten this year and I am excited/nervous for him. He will be making new friends and will want to play with them outside of school.

Not going to lie, but I think this is by far the easiest way to make new mom friends. Your child is doing the hard part for you! This is a great chance to get to know who your kid is hanging out with and get to know their mom too!

Story Time or Children’s Museum

mom friends at library
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When we lived in Washington state, Tacoma had an amazing children’s museum. There was a huge water table, a whole room for different kinds of art, science, dress up…it was amazing! Now we live in Tennessee and the first thing that I looked for was a children’s museum to take the boys to. While the one we found isn’t as grand, they still like it and interact with new kids every time.

I have also been able to find a couple of moms to chat with while the kiddos play. Since then, I have gotten so many other suggestions on fun things and places to go with the boys. While I haven’t made play dates or lasting friendships with these moms I talk to, they have helped me explore our new community.

This is how we found the local library does some awesome activities such weekly story time, a pre-k activity for older kids, movie nights and other monthly events. Be sure to check out your local library and museum for different things for the kids. This is where you can find moms.


mom friends at sports
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If you are still having a hard time finding some awesome mom friends, try your child’s sports teams! Practice is usually the best time to connect with the other moms on the team. It’s more fun to be able to look forward to practice days when you know you have a few friends to laugh and talk with.

Moms Night Out

women laughing outside
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Moms need a night out just as much as date nights with our spouses! Sometimes it is easier to just take the first step and ask a bunch of other moms if they want to do something fun…and kid free! I will bet that a majority of them with say yes.

What is great is it doesn’t have to be anything fancy or extravagant. Something as simple as dinner and drinks, bowling, see a movie, go to one of those wine and painting studios…the sky is the limit! If it turns out to be a successful and fun night with the girls, make is a weekly/monthly thing.

Connect on Social Media

women with phone
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Now I know it is not always the easiest to make mom friends, especially when everyone’s situation is different. Another way to meet them is on social media! Hey, people find true love this way, why can’t we make mom friends too?

There are so many moms on social media. I can name quite a few I love to follow on Instagram and think “they would be so fun to hang out with!”. Message them, tell them something you liked on their feed or post. You could find you have more things in common!

I feel like it is becoming so much more popular to find friends using some sort of social media. Many of the moms I follow have planned to meet these friends in person and they look like they have so much fun too!

If the friendship doesn’t work out, keep trying!

Don’t stress yourself out by continually getting together with someone you really don’t want to hang out with for whatever reason, OR that you don’t feel comfortable with.

Keep it fun!

I hope this was super helpful in finding some amazing women to interact with and maybe set up some play dates or other fun plans.

Tell me the best places you have met other mom friends! Leave a comment.

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