10 Rainy Day Activities for kids

Rain keeping you inside? Need some new activities? Here are 10 rainy day activities for kids that are so easy and fun for the whole family!

Oh my gosh….rainy days in our house are the WORST!!! They leave everyone moody and irritable being stuck inside and bored out of our minds.

We have learned a few tricks over the years, to keep the boys from getting too bored because we all know where that can lead…fights, yelling, screaming, trouble.

Nobody wants to hear that all day long.

So lets get started with a few of our favorites…

Build a Fort

rainy day activities
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These boys love a good fort, or a bad one…really anything that has a blanket over it and they can crawl under is considered a fort to them. But boy can it turn a bad day into a much better one!

We usually use our kitchen table and then throw a bunch of blankets over them, have a picnic under and maybe put on a movie using the tablet, play with flashlights or glow sticks that daddy gets from work…the list of fun is endless!!

This is probably the easiest way to keep the kids happy and give mom a break…even if its only 10 minutes. And it’s FREE!! Oh that word…who doesn’t love the sound of that??

If you want to get real crazy, I have seen some cute fort making kits that seem pretty awesome too. Or Pinterest has some great ideas for some DIY forts too. The list is limitless.


rainy day activities
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Paint. Crayons. Markers. Colored pencils. Glue. If you have it laying around the house, use it!!

The best investment I have made when it comes to art is a big roll of butcher paper. We cover the kitchen table with it, tape it to the wall or window, give the kids some coloring supplies and let them go nuts!! They love it…and it keeps mine busy for a pretty long time.

First time I did this, I couldn’t believe how long they stayed in one spot.

I even let my 11 months old in on it, put some paint in a ziplock bag, taped it to the tray of his highchair and he loved it. Got a solid 15 minutes out of this activity!

The greatest thing about art for kids is that it doesn’t have to be complicated at all and they have amazing imagination so even if you just give them an idea, they will take it away from there.

Dance Videos

child dancing
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Okay so when I was a preschool teacher, we would use YouTube A LOT! They have so many educational channels online now that the kids love.

Well, it has been so long since I have used them that I forgot my favorite ones and had to find new ones…surprisingly wasn’t hard.

One rainy day, I just typed in “Dancing songs for toddlers” or something like that and so many cool songs popped up.

The boys have so many favorite songs they ask for that I started saving them all and they come in a mix so you don’t have to keep changing the play list. Just put it on and start dancing!

We really like:

  • Baby Shark Mix
  • Freeze dance mix
  • Nursery rhyme mix
  • Super Simple Songs mix (probably their favorite songs right now)

Home Workout

home workout
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My husband and I workout in front of the kids all the time (haven’t been lately, but when my 2 year old was little, it was a daily thing)

They love doing push ups, crunches, and yoga moves with us when we are doing them. Love it because they are so active and want to show them an active lifestyle for the future.

Our workouts mainly come from BeachBody On Demand and they are super easy for the boys to jump right on in and follow along with the trainer. (I laugh every time because it seems to wear them out really fast)

If you go to a gym and they have a childcare, awesome!! They get to play and have fun and mom still gets some time to herself. Win-win if you ask me.

Can’t go to a gym, there are endless of free options for workouts online. Both for mom and the kids or just targeted for kids!

The point…great option to be able to not go crazy on a rainy day.

Obstacle Course

We have only tried an indoor obstacle course a couple of times and they were very minimal. Jump over a small toy, balance walking on a diaper box or the edge of the carpet. Nothing really too hard.

My four year old would do them once or twice and get bored with it…mostly because his brothers weren’t really into it. But it would be fun for a bunch of older kids.

I have seen that tape can make a really fun course and there are a lot of ideas on Pinterest…can you tell I am in love with that site?? They have so many great ideas!

Indoor Hide and Seek

This is one of the boy’s favorite game to play on any given day, but it really makes a rainy day even more fun!

Plus, everyone can play! The boys have worked it out to tag team mom and dad…totally not fair but so much fun.

Wanna mix it up a little…add in some Nerf guns and there will be so much more fun!! (no head shots and don’t shoot baby!! house rules)


rainy day activites

I have the biggest sweet tooth (doesn’t help me when trying to lose the baby weight) What better way to stay busy when it’s rainy than to make something yummy and sweet?

Lately, my 4 year old and 2 year old have been fighting over who gets to help mommy cook…I think its super neat but I have to have them take turns. Having them both help me at the same time gets a little too crazy!

Getting the kids to help in the kitchen can be easier than you think, even for toddlers.

R has cut up some fruits and veggies, washed them and stirred whatever it is we are making. We have him use a butter knife to cut but there are kid safe knives (I will be ordering some soon) and gives parents peace of mind while they are cutting.

A does a long of stirring but he is old enough to do more, like washing fruits and veggies too. I don’t want to push him into more than he wants to do because it’s suppose to be fun helping in the kitchen!

My goal is to have them come help me and have fun doing it. I don’t want my sons to dread the kitchen and making meals.

So start small and make a batch of cookies or even just a simple peanut butter and jelly. You will all enjoy it!

Go to the Library

mom friends at library
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Our library is awesome…not to brag or anything.

They have a play area for the kids to enjoy some toys, interact with new friends and they have a cozy area that they can look at their books away from the other kids.

Tuesdays are story time and it is so fun! They don’t just read books but also sing songs, dance and some educational activities. They feature a movie once a week and do other programs to get the community together.

So if you haven’t yet, check out your local library. You never know what you may find.

Indoor Playground

You would be surprised to find local places that have fun things for the kinds to do. Some malls have indoor play areas for young kids to play at and parents can take a break from shopping or just get out of the house. Ours doesn’t have a play area but has a train for the kids to ride and a little trampoline area.

Look at your local gymnastics because some open up to the public once a week at a very low price and have discounts for siblings.

A little research can go a long way or even joining a local Facebook page could help. Who knows…you may even make some new friends.

Set up a Play Date

Photo by Phillip Goldsberry on Unsplash

I love this idea because it’s fun for the boys and for mama. They get to have fun running around, playing with their friends and I get to have some grown up talk for a while.

When we first moved to TN, it was so much harder to do this because we left our friends back in WA. I am not an extrovert by any means and so making mom friends or even talking to anyone was super hard for me.

Luckily, I have learned how to let R make some friends and then let a play date get planned naturally. Anyone else use their kids to make other mom friends?? Yea…I’m totally guilty!

Don’t let rainy days get you down!! Make the best of it and try out these tricks so you and the kids don’t get into a funk.

Leave a comment with some of your favorite activities for rainy days.

Rainy day activities for kids
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